Comfort for Dark Days
Are you in a tough season?
Do you wonder what God is doing?

If you need someone to speak God's love and truth over you, this is for you.
There’s no need to feel alone, bewildered, or unseen. Comfort for Dark Daysis a 7-part personal Bible study you can complete in just one week. It will give you deep encouragement, show you insights in scripture you’ve never seen before, and help you reconnect with God in a meaningful way. Led by a fellow-sufferer, sharing her own hard-won comfort. 
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What happens when life is so hard, you no longer sense God’s love?
When you lose all awareness of His presence? When the pain feels unendurable?

We all walk through hard things — things that can shake the foundations of our faith.

What if you had a guide to walk with you, someone whose own faith has been forged in suffering?

That’s exactly why I created Comfort for Dark Days. In seven short, daily videos, I’ll teach you the key truths of scripture that have been my lifeline in the midst of 20 years of chronic illness. I’ll address your pain and fears — because they’re my pain and fears, too. 

With empathy and grace, I’ll help you see what God is doing in your life when you’ve lost all sense of Him.

Because He’s present here, in the darkness with us.
These individuals received free access to the course prior to launch. Their opinions are their own.
"Seasons of pain can leave us feeling disoriented and alone. In these seven devotional lessons, Lori takes us by the hand like a gentle and understanding friend, guiding us back to foundational truths that offer us comfort and hope in the darkness."
Diana Gruver
Author, Companions in the Darkness: Seven Saints Who Struggled with Depression and Doubt
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"This video series is a balm to the hurting heart. Lori wisely administers God’s truth like a kind and skilled physician. This is the perfect prescription for a heart in need of comfort and hope."
Catherine Claire Larson
Author, Waiting in Wonder
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"There is always more to God's love. It stretches to the heights and depths. In Word, song, art and personal testimony, Lori encourages the experience of this limitless love of God."
Rev. Beth Tipps
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"Lori Smith knows of what she writes. She has wrestled with faith in the dark days, and, as a result, she has battle-tested wisdom for others in the same place. If you need a spiritual guide and a comforting friend who knows the long weariness of suffering, then check out Comfort for Dark Days. I pray you find much comfort from God in this series!"
Carolyn McCulley
Author, The Measure of SuccessRadical Womanhood, and Did I Kiss Marriage Goodbye?
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“Lori Smith offers us a big and beautiful invitation to look suffering in the face and refuse to look away. Her heart and mind have wrestled with the hard questions and gleaned the goodness of God. Only grace can do that.

"And Lori’s courage and gift will be the bread you need for your own journey. Her life is an offering and companion in hard places. I recommend you spend some time with these moments of grace.

Judy Nelson Lewis
Writer, Spiritual Director, 30+years with Cru
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"As someone who has been through some dark seasons of depression, I found this series to be so helpful and life giving. Lori is authentic and articulates her own heart-felt experience and the truth of scripture so well. She brings the simple truths that are so critical for us to remember into our dark valleys and everyday lives. When I was in a year-long season of depression just 2 years ago, one of a few essential things for me to do in order to keep going was to speak the truth about who God is and what he says about me out loud and often.  I needed to hear others and myself remind me of the plans, promises and purposes from God's Word. This devotional series will help you bring your brain back to the simple foundations in these challenging times rather than the lies we tend to default to. I know you will, as I do, find Lori to be a faithful friend that will help you remember the truth in meaningful ways that matter to the deep darkness you're facing."
Drew Clyde
Lead Pastor, Headway Church
Leesburg, VA

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"Lori invites readers to engage in a creative, biblically-based, heartfelt conversation with God about his perceived lack of response to their pain and suffering. For some, it will provide a much-needed reminder of essential truths. For others, it will stimulate in-depth reflections about the mysteries of God. As a psychologist who hopes to bring comfort to people in their darkest days, this will be a valuable resource."
Larry R. Wagner, Ph.D.
Professor, Columbia International University
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"Lori has been there--she knows firsthand the emotional and spiritual anguish that can accompany physical suffering, and she speaks Biblical truth into that place with an authentic voice. Her down-to-earth, accessible exploration of the true comfort God offers in the midst of such suffering is thought-provoking and powerful. Engaging us through video, music, original watercolor graphics and follow-up workbook questions, this multi-sensory series is an incredible example of God's redemptive power at work. I highly recommend it!"
Carolyn Marshall Wright
Visual Artist

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"This is FANTASTIC!! I'm so glad Lori took her experiences and poured them into this course. If you're in a dark place, this will be a blessing to you."
Susan Alexander Yates
Speaker and author of many books, including Risky Faith: Becoming Brave Enough to Trust the God Who Is Bigger Than Your World
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"If you've known dark days and longed for the assurance that you were not alone, Lori is speaking to you. Drawing on her own experience, she gently and wisely leads us through the truth of Scripture, helping us see God in the midst of difficult circumstances. This course will encourage you, challenge you, and nourish your soul."
Kristine Steakley
Author, Child of Divorce, Child of God
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"Comfort for Dark Days was such a blessing to me. When Lori shares God’s Word, it is with such wisdom and revelation, that scriptures I have heard 100 times come to life in new ways. The Holy Spirit is clearly working through Lori.  She speaks of the deep love of the Father with such compassion and conviction - her belief is contagious. You will be encouraged through this very rich study!
Heather F., from Virginia
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"'I did not know that life could be this hard for this long.' Lori Smith articulates what so many feel, whether they struggle with chronic illness or other long-term suffering. But not only does Lori speak honestly about pain, she also graciously leads viewers deeper into God’s abundant love and reminds us that He sustains us in all circumstances."
Melissa Morgan Kelley
Associate Editor, byFaith magazine
Fellow Lyme survivor
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Now only $37!
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Holy comfort, wholly comforting.
Comfort for Dark Days is a series of seven devotional videos centered around the key truths that have become my lifeline in the midst of 20 years of chronic illness.

Each day also includes questions for further reflection and study, worship music, and original watercolor art.

Right now, you may be struggling . . .

  • Wondering what is God doing, and has he abandoned you?
  • Feeling like people around you can’t understand the depth of your pain.
  • Wondering what do you really believe, anyway? Does it make a difference here?
  • Feeling like your faith didn’t prepare you for this moment, and your foundations are crumbling.

Imagine if you could have a heart-to-heart with someone who’s been walking in the darkness for 20+ years, whose faith has been broken down by suffering and rebuilt in it, too.

Not only that, but she knows how to help you walk through some of the questions you have, and the conversations you need to have with God. Not just a teacher, but a kindred spirit, a fellow sufferer and guide — pointing you back to Christ.

Hey there! I’m Lori Smith, author of several books (A Walk With Jane Austen, Jane Austen’s Guide to Life, The Single Truth), and Lyme disease survivor.

Twenty-plus years ago, I worked a demanding more-than-full-time job, wrote in the evenings and on weekends, took ballet a couple times a week, went on backpacking trips, volunteered with my church, and had an active social life.

Then I got very sick.

Six years later, I finally got a diagnosis: Lyme disease, with multiple co-infections.

It’s a long story, and there’s been a lot of healing, but it’s not an exaggeration to say that Lyme took away almost everything — my ability to work, to provide for myself, to use my gifts in ministry, to have a social life, and at times even to do the basics to take care of myself.

These challenges continue today, so that at times I feel as though my life is largely unlived — because often it’s all I can do to survive from day to day.

There’s been so much darkness. Deep depression. Grief. Lament. Intense conversations with God.

And deep, hard-won comfort.

I created Comfort for Dark Days because I know that I’m not alone. That others walk through darkness, face the hardest questions, and wonder where God is in the midst of it all.

I’m hopeful that my experience will help you see God’s love, presence, and goodness in the midst of the darkness — and will give you some holy comfort along the way.
What you get when you buy Comfort for Dark Days:
Video teaching:
Intro video plus seven 15-20 minute Bible study teaching videos. (Designed to be done once a day for a week.)
Printable 30-page workbook for taking notes, doing mini-inductive studies, and answering daily questions. For ease of use, includes all the scripture used in the course.
Seven original watercolors (printable downloads), focusing on key scripture verses for each day. (More on artwork below.)
Video transcripts:
Prefer to read? Transcripts of each video are available.
Worship music:
Curated worship music videos included for each day (embedded from artist channels on YouTube), plus a 30-song playlist available on Spotify or Amazon Music (these services require a subscription).
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All of that for only $37? Seriously?
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Yes! For less than $6 / day you get video teaching, original artwork, study guide, transcripts, and curated worship music.

This material is worth a lot more -- and people keep telling me to charge more for it! But I don't want price to be an issue or a barrier. I want you to get the comfort you need today

I want this to be a no-brainer for you. Don't think about doing it someday . . . dive in now!

Honestly, I've spent years lamenting and talking to God about my pain and wondering what He is doing. How I wish I had this course years ago!

Don't let that be you! Jump in today and get comfort, guidance, and TRUTH for the hard season you're in.
How each day works
  1. Watch the teaching video.
  2. Use the workbook to take notes and do course exercises.
  3. Listen to the worship music.
  4. Answer the questions for further reflection and study.
  5. Print out the artwork and put up somewhere you’ll see it to help you meditate on the verses.
Original watercolor artwork included!
These are printable PDF files in both 8x10 and 5x7 sizes. Printing instructions included. The mockups below show how you might use them. (You won't receive an actual print or frame, but you can print them and frame them yourself.)
Dive into Comfort today!
Now only $37!
Lock in this low price today. Price will be going up soon!
Topics covered
Day 1: You are loved.
We look at the fear that maybe God doesn’t love us because of what He has allowed; how sometimes it’s hard to understand; and how deep and great His love is for us, even then.
Day 2: You are seen and heard.
We cover the pain of being unseen and unheard (many of the difficult things we walk through aren’t visible to others), and talk about how God’s seeing and hearing differs from our own.
Day 3: You are known.
Do you sometimes feel like no one really, truly understands? Here we look at Psalm 139 and the intricate depths of God’s knowledge of us.
Day 4: You are not alone.
We look at the second half of Psalm 139 and at “Yahweh’s active, protective, securing presence.” And at the promise of Immanuel, God with us, and the Comforter, the Holy Spirit.
Day 5: You are fought for.
You may feel abandoned, but there are ongoing spiritual realities that you can’t sense. God is fighting for you right now, and we'll talk about the details.
Day 6: He bears your grief and pain.
When Jesus went to the cross, He bore more than just your sin. And he offers to daily carry your burdens. 
Day 7: He is for you.
This one was hard for me to believe at times, but I’m finally getting it. God is FOR YOU (and me). Also, what to rely on when your feelings are lying to you.
Who is this course NOT for?
If you’re not a Christian, you might not want this course (although you are welcome here!). We spend a lot of time digging through the Bible to see what God has to say about our pain and suffering and His presence with us. If that interests you, please join! If not, this is not for you.

How does this work? I’ve never purchased a digital course before.
Immediately after you purchase, you’ll receive an email with a link to the course materials online. You’ll immediately be able to start watching course videos and downloading materials. That’s it! It’s super simple.

How long does the course take?
The course includes about 2 and 1/2 hours of video content (a short introductory video, plus seven 15-20 minute teaching videos). Each day’s content also includes worship music, original artwork, and questions for further reflection and study. It’s designed so you can get through everything each day in about 30 minutes.

The original intent was for this to be a quick personal study, something you can get through in one week that can be a huge encouragement to you.

Do I have to do it in a week?
Nope! You can stretch it out if you want — if you do two a week, it will take you about a month. Or do it all at once and binge-watch it in one sitting. Whatever you prefer. You will have access to all the content immediately when you purchase.

How long will I have access to the course?
Your access doesn’t expire!  You will have lifetime access and be able to refer back to the course whenever you want.

What will I need to do to print the artwork? What kind of printer will I need?
If you have an inkjet or laser jet color printer, you’ll be able to print the artwork. Or, you can send it to Staples or FedEx to print. I give you instructions for both in the course.

How would you describe your faith?
I’m an evangelical Christian and a confirmed Anglican. I worship at a church that’s part of the Anglican Church in North America.

How does the music work? Will I have access to all of it?
Each day’s content includes a worship song (a free video embedded from YouTube). You will have full access to these.  The course also includes a playlist with lots of additional music, available on Spotify and Amazon Music. These services require a subscription and you may not have access to all the music without a paid account. (Spotify does offer a free version and Amazon Music makes some songs available to Prime members for free.)

Do you offer group rates?
Not yet, but I may offer them soon! Email me here with the subject line ‘group rates’ if you’re interested.

Do you offer scholarships?
A limited number of scholarships are available to those in need. Click here to apply.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the low cost and digital nature of this product, there will be no refunds after purchase. If you want to check it out before you buy, you can watch the intro video for free here.

Who is this for?
Imagine where you could be a week from today after completing this study . . . 
  • With a better understanding of God's presence in your pain.
  • Deeply encouraged.
  • Meditating on key scriptural truths that give your soul a firmer foundation.
  • Able to reconnect with God in a meaningful way.
Wholly comforted, with holy comfort.
Get Comfort for Dark Days today -- price goes up soon!
Now only $37!
Lock in this low price today. Price will be going up soon!
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